Sama Group

Corporate Sama Group, we are a fast growing premier based in Qatar, run by a group of very talented, dedicated and successful professionals. Operating Nationally & Internationally, We target a leadership position in virtually all of the centers we operate. Whether it’s a local, regional, national, international, Sama applies insight, experience, intelligence and resources to help our clients in transforming their goals into reality.

Our strengths, which are applied to every transaction, assignment and client relationship, which include:

- An intimate knowledge of virtually every major market where we operate.
- Intellectual capital and technology resources that develop and deliver superior analytical,
research and client service tools to its professionals.
- A proven track record of meeting diverse client needs.
- Leadership positions in nearly all service lines we are into.
- An organizational structure that harnesses the firm’s collective expertise

We are mainly devoted to the following industries:
- Real Estate Construction
- Facilities Management
- Trading
- Consultancy

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