Business Sectors and Companies
Our people are one of the key reasons we lead our industry, and they come together project after project in dynamic teams whenever they are needed.

They also are the backbone of our extensive and world-class stewardship program. And they carry out our commitment to suppliers diversity and support of small businesses around the globe.

Greenland International Enterprises Group of companies include:

GIE aims to ensure that the maximum possible value is created for its shareholders over time.

Good corporate governance shall ensure an appropriate distribution of roles between the owners, the board of directors, and the leadership group, and also contribute to reducing risk and ensuring sustainable value creation.

Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility have a long-standing tradition at GIE: They are based on our company’s strategy. We cover the entire lifecycles of infrastructural projects, real estate and facilities. This integrated approach forms the basis of our sustainability.

GIE places great importance on providing reliable, up-to-date information on our operations and financial development. We want to have an open and direct dialogue with our shareholders and other stakeholders in the capital markets.